Primed Mind has helped me in all aspects of life. From poker, trading, golf and meditation, having and projecting confidence in yourself and the decisions you make is one key ingredient to achieving the goals you set in life.

Primed Mind helps you take that next step by listening to some of the best minds in their respected fields. It’s near impossible to achieve your full potential without complete confidence in yourself.

Primed Mind has helped me break down those barriers that use to hold me back.

- Joseph Van Pinxteren

I always struggled to let go of my fears of failure and perfectionism in my career. These are thoughts that were holding me back and I think many professional athletes can relate. I started working with Elliot in private sessions before the biggest moments of my career. With his help I was able to fully focus on my strengths and let go of all the other thoughts which helped me to perform to my absolute peak in situations where it really mattered. He changed the way I approached high pressure situations and my performance increased dramatically.

Elliot really is a world class coach and because of that he was not available on a daily basis. So I started using Primed Mind for my daily life and I am using it ever since.

- Mario Mosboeck

When I was trying to stand up I felt how my blood pressure was falling..

I had to fight myself and find a way to calm down mentally. That’s when I had two Primed Mind sessions ‘calm your nerves’ which made me regain control ..

- Jonas Borgartz

I have been a subscriber of Primed Mind since it first launched. Immediately I fell in love with the idea, widely due to Fedors success and him behind the whole thing. However upon using it the first time I realized it can be used in all aspects of life and can really help boost many things.

I chose to follow the route of boosting my poker game by using the poker pro primers. A year later I'm here and continue to use them due to the primers allowing me to focus before a session and wind down after.

"I will access all the information and play to the best of my ability." Words spoken by Elliot Roe in many of the poker primers. That single phrase has given me the ability to feel fully engaged when playing and has helped me play my best at the table every single time. Anyone wanting to boost any aspect of their life, any, should definitely try Primed Mind.

- Andrew Jasso