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Let’s go on a mindset journey together! By taking the first steps to prime your mind, you will gain access to the same visualization techniques that are used by the world’s most notable phenoms.

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Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching combines the elements of meditation, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. By that, we create a structure that is aimed to help you achieve your goals

Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques

Life is about balance. Often, the most productive thing you can do is relax. Meditation and mindfulness techniques will allow you to reduce anxiety and stress and you will learn from your past and live in the present. With these techniques it will help you stay in the present and you will reach a state of clarity more easily. Your mind will be fully primed and you will gain the focus and the overall health to achieve your goals.


In order to be the best, you must feel your best! Hypnotherapy techniques are designed to release you from your past and break down subconscious barriers that are holding you back from the life you want to live. Our visualization techniques will help you to reduce anxiety in different settings, such as high pressure situations, public speaking, and social interactions. After completing our sessions, you will feel refocused and you will not let your past stand in your way.

Life coaching techniques

Sometimes you need a little extra push to accomplish your goals. With the guidance of your personal mindset coach Elliot, he will embed in your mind that you can achieve your goals and you will learn how to design your future. Elliot will guide you to create life and career visions to work towards a plan to achieve your goals. With his positive affirmation, you will sleep better, feel better, and have a huge confidence boost.

Meet your coach

Elliot Roe has the knowledge and expertise which has taken Olympic athletes, UFC Champions, CEOs, and high stakes poker players to the top levels of success. He will use those same techniques to take your mind to the next level. With his guided voice and deep mindset coaching expertise, you will experience transformative visualization and relaxation techniques that will allow you to achieve your goals.